About 185 species of birds have been seen at Batiquitos Lagoon at different times of the year.

A comprehensive list of these birds is available here.

Birds commonly seen at the lagoon are listed below:


Shorebirds have long-pointed wings, long legs, and relatively narrow-pointed bills. Most are migratory. They feed along the shoreline.


Black-necked Stilt and chick

Black-necked Stilt and chick

    American Avocet

    Black-necked Stilt


    Marbled Godwit

    Long-billed Curlew


    Short-billed Dowitcher

    Long-billed Dowitcher

    Western and Least Sandpiper


    Snowy Plover (endangered)

    Black-bellied Plover

    Clapper Rail (endangered)



Wading Birds have long necks and legs and long pointed bills, which they use to spear fish or other food. They feed along the shoreline.


Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret




    Great Blue Heron

    Great Egret

    Snowy Egret

    Green Heron

    Black-crowned Night-Heron

    White-faced Ibis





Waterfowl have webbed feet, long necks, short legs and flattened bills with tooth-like edges. They feed by dabbling in shallow water or by diving. Most are migratory.

American Coot

American Coot


    Northern Pintail

    Northern Shoveler


    American Wigeon

    Green-winged Teal

    Cinnamon Teal


    American Coot

    Pied-billed Grebe

    Western Grebe



Flying/diving birds catch fish by flying low over the water to locate their food and diving to capture it.


Juvenile Least Tern

Juvenile Least Tern

    Brown Pelican

    American White Pelican

    Western Gull

    Ring-billed Gull

    Caspian Tern

    Forster’s Tern

    Least Tern (endangered)

    Black Skimmer

    Belted Kingfisher

    Double-crested Cormorant




Raptors have sharp, hooked bills and strong, curved talons. Most are all-year residents of the lagoon.

Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk

Juvenile Cooper's Hawk

    American Kestrel

    Red-tailed Hawk

    Red-shouldered Hawk

    Cooper’s Hawk

    White-tailed Kite

    Northern Harrier


    Peregrine Falcon







Some land birds use the wetland habitat around the lagoon.


Common Yellowthroat


    Black Phoebe

    Say’s Phoebe

    Song Sparrow

    Common Yellowthroat

    Red-winged Blackbird

    Belding’s Savannah Sparrow (endangered)

    Yellow-rumped Warbler

    Marsh Wren