Invasive and Problem Plants

Invasive and Problem Plants

Since the soil in the areas in and along the trail has been disturbed (graded and used as a road) over the years, many destructive plants have been brought in. These are a few of the worst ones. Many non-natives included in the Upland Plants of Batiquitos page are also invasive or problematic plants.

Tumbleweed or Russian Thistle



Common Name: Tumbleweed

Scientific Name: Salsola pestifer (or australis)

Size/Location: Near trail (disturbed areas)

Comments: Red stems; many seeds; breaks loose when mature and dry and disperses seeds over wide area as it rolls around.




Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass


Common Name: Pampas Grass

Scientific Name: Cortaderia spp.

Size/Location: Grows in lowland, waste areas

Comments: Individual plants get wider and wider; sawtooth leaves; spread over wide areas by wind-carried seeds from plumes.




Date Palm

Date Palm


Common Name: Date Palm

Scientific Name:Phoenix dactylifera

Size/Location: Salt-intolerant; near trail; very wide

Comments: Inappropriate and encroaching on places more appropriate plants should be.




Giant Reed

Giant Reed



Common Name: Giant Reed

Scientific Name:Arundo donax

Size/Location: Grows very tall (over 20 feet) and spreads rapidly

Comments: A state-wide problem, choking waterways. In the lagoon, choking out cattails and bulrushes in the water, as well as upland plants.