Restoration Project

Restoration Project

In the early 80’s, the Port of Los Angeles planned to expand by dredging San Pedro harbor to 20 feet and adding port facilities. This required mitigation to compensate for destruction of coastal habitat.

Batiquitos Lagoon was selected as a potential site for mitigation work and in November 1987, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed by six agencies, the Port of Los Angeles, and the City of Carlsbad. This M.O.A. was signed to form the Batiquitos Lagoon Enhancement Project to restore the lagoon and open a tidal inlet to the ocean.

In 1990, the EIR and EIS were complete for the project. Restoration began on the lagoon in September 1994 and continued to the spring of 1997.

For a complete story and outcome of the project please visit the Batiquitos Lagoon Restoration website.

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