School Walks

School Walks at Batiquitos Lagoon

The docents of Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation offer tours of the lagoon for school groups.


The focus of recent field trips has included such topics as:

  • wetland habitats
  • birds
  • Native American heritage and use of the lagoon
  • insects
  • geology
  • sandy beach environment
  • mud creatures
  • water quality

Walks and topics vary depending upon the needs of the class, but these formats are offered:

  • a docent-led lagoon trail walk
  • a combined docent-led field trip to the beach environment at South Carlsbad (Ponto) State Beach as well as the docent-led lagoon trail walk
  • various docent-hosted stations along the lagoon trail focusing on topics such as birds, plants, etc. (This format is particularly useful for large groups of children.)

School visits need to be scheduled at least a month in advance by the teacher.


We require one chaperone for every 5 children in grades 4 and below, and one chaperone for every 6 children in grades 5 and up.


For more information or to schedule a walk please call the Nature Center at 760-931-0800, or email