Trail Guide

Self Guided Walks at Batiquitos Lagoon

Trail guides for self guided walks are available from the Nature Center. Read the trail guide below or download a copy here.

Lagoon Trail Guide

  1. Marsh View
  2. The cattails near the water are growing in and filtering freshwater urban runoff. They cannot live in saltwater. This is a favorite nesting site of the Red-winged Blackbird.

  3. Coastal Goldenbush
  4. This native plant is found in the disturbed areas in many places just to either side of the trail. It has yellow flowers from mid-summer to fall, then dandelion-like seeds in the winter. Thus, these plants serve as a source of food for birds when other plants are dormant.

  5. West View
  6. Look across the lagoon to the three bridges (freeway, railroad and coast highway) that restrict the flow of water to the lagoon from the ocean. Swallows, important in reducing flying insect populations, build mud nests on the freeway bridge. In spring and summer, the air is filled with swooping birds.

  7. Cactus
  8. Prickly Pear Cactus tolerates low rainfall. The pads, fruit and seeds were an important food source for Native Americans. This cactus is a favorite site for a garden spider called the Silver Argiope. It is often a host for the Cochineal Scale, a small insect that at one time was a major source for an edible red dye.

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