Corporate Sponsors


Annual Corporate Sponsor Levels

    Kestrel  $250

    White Tailed Hawk $500

    Red Tailed Hawk $1,000

    Great Egret $2,000

    Great Blue Heron $3,000

    Osprey $5,000

 Become a Corporate Sponsor for the Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation (BLF) and partner with us to sustain our natural environment and educational programs for children, families, and school groups in our surrounding communities. The Batiquitos Lagoon represents the largest ecological reserve in Carlsbad and attracts over 10,000 visitors annually from the region and beyond. Your donation includes support for: trail maintenance, habitat restoration, educational programs and nature center and much more.  Annual Corporate Sponsorships will provide the financial resources to educate the public about the importance of preserving the environment for future generations and demonstrate to our audiences that your organization should be applauded for its Corporate Citizenship.

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