Bench Dedication


Dedicate a Bench at Batiquitos Lagoon!

Bench Pic

Consider dedicating a bench along one of San Diego County’s best nature trail – the North Shore Trail – at Batiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve. Whether for a loved one, to celebrate the life of a family member or friend, or to just make a public statement about you or how you feel about nature and our many outdoor treasures in San Diego County, this can be a wonderful way to express your feelings and a legacy for family and friends! The Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation (BFL) is a 501(C)(3) non-for-profit and the bench would be tax-deductible!

 Benefits include: 

  • Your bench is tax deductible;
  • The BLF will work with you to select an appropriate location, order and assemble your bench, help with getting your plaque prepared and your message engraved, preparing the site and installing your bench, and maintaining the bench area;
  • Your bench will be made of low-maintenance and environmentally friendly materials.
  • Subject to appropriateness considerations and length of text, you provide the verbiage for your plaque;
  • The BLF works with you to select an appropriate bench site and will prepared the selected site for installation (You would be welcome to assist in this activity);
  • The BLF may be able to provide a sunshade for your bench, installed by volunteers (e.g., Boy Scout Eagle Scout Project) at no additional cost; and
  • The BLF can work with you to have an informal dedication ceremony for your bench.

The Process Includes:

  •  A formal bench agreement is prepared and executed between you and the BLF;
  • The Initial one-time payment and Sponsor-level membership fee must be paid at the time the agreement is finalized. The orders for the bench and plaque will not be placed before the agreement and fees have been paid.
  • A five year Sponsor-level membership at the prevailing rate must be maintained. The membership fee may be paid yearly or in one payment for multiple years (five year increments). The membership must be sustained. If it is allowed to lapse, the BLF reserves the right to re-use the bench and to allow someone else to dedicate it. 
  • The bench dedication cost is: an initial one-time fee of $1,500 and at least one year BLF membership fee at the current Sponsor-level rate. The Sponsor-level fee may be paid in advance in five-year increments at any time. This would lock in the membership rate for the time period you pay in advance for.

Click Here to view an agreement example.